We are committed to the safeguarding, care, and holding of all our members. We recognise that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and we are fully focused on maintaining awareness around safeguarding.

We are fully committed to implementing all safeguarding policies and practise guidance issued by the Administrator. We will carefully select and train people who will either work or volunteer for the MENSHARE Listening Group.

We will work with all 3rd parties who refer men to our group, for them to check the background of each referred man to see if suitable and safe to attend our circles. We will also make an initial engagement with any new man to also vet and to see if our group is suitable for both parties.

We will work with any agency in the event of any incident should any person raise a concern of any harm or abuse, whilst attending our circle and the venue. We will record statements and follow the emergency procedures should any physical abuse have taken place and follow any investigation procedures.

As a support group we will offer assistance and aftercare should any abuse or harm has taken place, this will be around that man’s request of support needed from our group.

We will review all 3rd party service groups’ referral policies to make sure all men offered to our group are correctly screened and allocated correctly every 6 months.

Should any policies have changed we will update our records.

Should MENSHARE Listening Group join any agencies connected to protecting men and safeguarding we will update our records and our website.

Policy reviewed and adopted December 2021 (SPO)